Acupuncture For The Geriatric Dog

Date: 10 February 2020

Location: Canine Partners
LE12 9SR

Price: ABVA Members £550 Non-Members £600

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Acupuncture For The Geriatric Dog

This 2 day course uses lectures and practical session to illustrate how acupuncture can be part of an integrated approach to the senior patient. Managing the older dog can be rewarding and very successful if a multimodal approach is implemented and this course shows you how!


  • Pain and the Geriatric Patient - The neurobiology of pain, the psychology of pain and the different coping strategies that individuals adopt. Overview pharmacological agents which can be used alongside acupuncture in the management of chronic pain. 
  • Clinical Examination and Management Protocols - A systems based approach to examination and treatment which can be used to improve acupuncture point selection.
  • Clinical Examination Practical - Focus on gait analysis, posture analysis and palpation then consider how the findings lead to strain patterns within the musculoskeletal system.
  • Acupuncture Considerations - Consider various acupuncture points that are often effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Introduce the longitudinal muscle system approach to acupuncture.
  • Acupuncture Practical - Take an individual case and formulate a plan for needling. It may be possible to treat some cases during the session
  • Other Adjunctive Therapies - Consider some nutritional supplements that may be of benefit in management of the geriatric patient. Explore how environmental modification can assist to improve quality of life.


  • Acupuncture in the Management of Organ Conditions - Acupuncture’s role in the management
  • of cardiac, renal, hepatic and gastrointestinal dysfunction in the older dog and appropriate  point selection.
  • Nutrition of the Geriatric Patient - The specific dietary needs of the older patient and how to successfully set up and manage weight clinics in the older patient.
  • Canine Osteoarthritis - Revisit the aetiology and pathogenesis of OA and how to assess a joint accurately. Review acupuncture point selection and consider why acupuncture is so effective in some cases and of no apparent value in others.
  • When to Call it a Day - Explore the ethical considerations of when continuing treatment may not be the most appropriate course of action for individual patients.
  • Rehabilitation of the Geriatric Patient - Use acupuncture along with other rehabilitation strategies, focussing on the ones that can be easily implemented in practice.
  • Rehabilitation Practical - Design a management programme through the appropriate choice of therapeutic exercises, hot and cold therapy and stretching and massage for clinical cases.


Lowri Davies BVSc MRCVS Cert Vet Acup CCRP
Lowri Davies graduated from Bristol Veterinary School in 1992. Her interest in sports medicine and rehabilitation developed while working in specialist equine practice. In 2001 she gained her international veterinary acupuncture certificate. In 2004 Lowri undertook some further training in the United States and gained her Certificate in Canine Rehabilitation in 2005. She opened the first SMART Clinic (Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy) in 2004. When not at work, or lecturing in the U.K. and abroad, Lowri enjoys travelling preferably somewhere she can climb a mountain, ski down a mountain or ride across several mountains! Lowri is a member of the International  ssociation for the Study of Pain, The Royal Society of Medicine and the British Veterinary Orthopaedic  ssociation. She is also president of the British Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Association

‘Excellent clear teaching, inspirational teacher. Best CPD I have ever done.’
‘Very practical but backed up by good explanation of underlying science.’
‘Very enjoyable, almost too much info, left me with a lot to work on.’
'Excellent, great lecture theatre, and great food.'
'Great Course – once again a very stimulating 2 days, thank you.'

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