The ABVA has moved forwards considerably in the last few years and one area that has taken a while to perfect has been the ABVA’s Certification in Veterinary Acupuncture.

As our more long-standing members will be aware, the ABVA previously awarded a Certificate of Safety and Competence in Veterinary Acupuncture (CertSCVA) following course attendance and the submission of case logs, a case report, a safety questionnaire and a short viva.

However, as the Foundation Course has been improved and the scope of it increased with the inclusion of a day of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has become clear that it is time to update the certification to reflect the content of the course and also to test the applicant’s learning more thoroughly. The aim of the ABVA has always been to provide excellence in veterinary acupuncture education and we feel that we now need to provide a certification to reflect this.

Candidates will be invited to apply the ABVA General Certificate in Veterinary Acupuncture (GCVetAc) from 1 April 2017. They must maintain their ABVA membership in order to complete the certification. Although this is not an RCVS certificate, the name has been chosen in conjunction with the RCVS Education Committee in order to avoid confusion with their GPCerts and AVP qualifications. Successful candidates may use the GCVetAc post-nominals after their MRCVS.


One requirement of the new certificate is to pass a multiple choice examination based on the content of the ABVA Foundation Course. As this course underwent a significant update in 2011, only those who attended from 2011 onwards will have sufficient knowledge and learning materials from this course to complete the exam. Those who have attended the Equine Acupuncture Introduction may apply to attend the final day of the current Foundation Course in order to gain the sufficient knowledge to complete the exam. Any potential candidates that have taken alternative courses with the ABVA should contact us on an individual basis to discuss their options.

In addition to the appropriate course attendance, completion of the ABVA GCVetAc will require:

  • A pass mark of 75% or higher in a multiple choice examination based on the 2011 onwards Foundation Course material
  • The completion of a log of 40 cases containing a short summary of each
  • The completion of a detailed case report of 3000 words (4000 with references)
  • The completion of a clinical discussion/viva

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