Acupuncture For The Sporting Dog

Date: 13 June 2016

Location: Langford Veterinary Services, Bristol

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Acupuncture For The Sporting Dog

Keeping your dog fit and active - sports medicine not just for the athlete but for every young dog that does not want to be a couch potato

  • Functional Assessment of the Canine Athlete - Lecture/Practical
    Focus on the assessment of the patient from the perspective of athletic performance. Look at how to assess balance and coordination within the individual and how conformation can affect performance. Explore ancillary diagnostic tools such as video analysis and pressure mat systems.
  • Common Injuries of the Sporting Dog and their Management
    Acute and chronic injuries and how movement patterns can predispose to injury long term. We will consider the precursors to common injuries such as illiopsoas strain, lumbar pain and shoulder joint instability, then look at management options for these conditions.
  • The Myofascia and Movement
    Cover the anatomy of fascia and consider its critical role in movement.
  • Acupuncture Meridians and Fascial Lines - Are there any Comparisons?
    Look at the parallels between acupuncture channels and the fascial lines within the body. Explore fascial/channel pathology and how palpation can assist with deriving an appropriate acupuncture formula. 
  • Nutrition and Laboratory Analysis of the Canine Athlete
    Look at what laboratory tests are appropriate in the management of dogs in training and how the information can again assist with refining our choice of acupuncture points. We will also briefly cover the nutrition essentials for a performance dog.
  • Rehabilitation and Training - What Role Does Acupuncture Have? 
    Which point do we chose? Can the dog's constitution affect our choice of points? This lecture will aim to move the practitioner away from a reliance on trigger points alone when treating the canine athlete.
  • How do Athletes Manage Pain?
    A brief review of pain pathways will be followed by a look at nociception, pain and how they differ. It will also consider how individuals manage their pain differently.
  • How Common Sporting Disciplines can Predispose to Pathology 
    Different disciplines such as agility and obedience place different stresses and strains on the body. By understanding this we can improve our diagnosis and management.



Lowri Davies BVSc MRCVS Cert Vet Acup CCRP
Lowri Davies graduated from Bristol Veterinary School in 1992. Her interest in sports medicine and rehabilitation developed while working in specialist equine practice. In 2001 she gained her international veterinary acupuncture certificate. In 2004 Lowri undertook some further training in the United States and gained her Certificate in Canine Rehabilitation in 2005. She opened the first SMART Clinic (Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy) in 2004. When not at work, or lecturing in the U.K. and abroad, Lowri enjoys travelling preferably somewhere she can climb a mountain, ski down a mountain or ride across several mountains! Lowri is a member of the International  ssociation for the Study of Pain, The Royal Society of Medicine and the British Veterinary Orthopaedic  ssociation. She is also president of the British Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Association


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